In The News

Here are some articles that I found interesting relating to mental health. You may notice a bit of a theme!

"The Battle Within Larry Sanders"  ESPN article on the mental health issues of an NBA player and his team's/league's attempts to treat the players.

Exercise and DepressionOne of many sources illustrating the positive effects of physical activity on clinical mood disorders.

"I Had to Get Help Before I Died" Story on former NFL QB Erik Ainge's struggles to overcome bipolar disorder and addiction.

"The Pain is Always There" How members of the Green Bay Packers are trying to raise awareness of eating disorders.​​ 

Taking Notice of the Hidden Injury  Awareness, better treatment of athletes' mental health begins to take shape.

"Think Normal" A short film about a mother and her advocacy for her basketball loving autistic son.

Troubled ChildrenA special report by a bioethics center about the challenges and controversies in treating today's children.

When College Athletes Face Depression  2014 Atlantic feature.

Your Brain on ADHDExcellent infographic on how brain pathways implicated in ADHD