Atomic Habits: How to break bad habits and build good ones

Grit: From one of the leading experts on the important idea of "grit"

InSideOut Coaching: How Sports can Transform Lives: Former NFL player Joe Erhmann explains how to be a transformational coach

LEAD...for God's Sake:Fictional tale that has been embraced by many coaches.

Let Them Play:Mindful sports parenting

Mindset: How to fulfill potential via the growth mindset

Parent Pep Talks:Great strategies for parents to help the mental skills of their child/athlete

Peak: Secrets from the new science of expertise

Practice Perfect:How to improve deliberate practice

Raise Your Game:High performance secrets from a basketball skills trainer and speaker

Range:The benefits of generalized, not specialized training

The Gift of Failure:How to let children fail - so they can succeed

The Inner Game of Tennis:A classic read on the mental side of performance

The Talent Code: How to grow talent

What Made Maddy Run:Story of a college athlete and her death

Dr. Benjamin Troy

Child Psychiatry

There are many great resources for parents and young athletes to help get a little better each day. Here are a few:


Calm:Midfulness app for sleep, meditation and relaxation

MindShiftCBT:Cognitive Based Therapy modules to reduce anxiety


Be Better. Be Different: Website of skill trainer and coach Phil Beckner

Centre for Clinical Interventions:Austrailian government website with excellent, cognitively based self-help resources

Positive Coaching Alliance: Resources to make better athletes and better people

The Growth Equation:The art, science and practice for performance and well-being. Sign up for their weekly newsletter that is packed with interesting material and reads!

The Herren Project:Non-profit started by former NBA player Chris Herren as he speaks and helps those with addiction and other mental health issues

Well Performance:Website of Dr. Stu Singer, an excellent sports and performance psychologist, that includes resources and a link to his mindfulness app that is geared specifically for athletes.